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    With your help we make a difference

    Lund University works tirelessly to make the world a better place. As a university, our task is to understand, explain and improve our world and the human condition through research and education.

    A boy who has shaped his hands into a bowl to catch water

    Every day, we tackle the major challenges to solving the mysteries of cancer and diabetes. We look for solutions to human climate impact and global warming as well as irrigation and food shortage problems in some of the world’s most densely populated areas.

    We also take on issues of everyday life – like developing new teaching materials to improve individual learning or weather-resistant and biodegradable paint.

    Learn more about Lund University’s challenges and breakthroughs in the film For a better world on Vimeo

    Every gift counts

    As a donor, you help Lund University maintain its position as a world-class university and leading agent of societal development.

    Regardless of the subject or scope of the project, we can help you find something that you are passionate about – a way for you as a donor to contribute to a better world.

    Generally, very few people are able to make a big difference on their own. But together, we can help create the conditions for major research breakthroughs. This also applies to resource-intensive investments in research fields such as medicine or engineering.

    Different ways of donating to Lund University

    If you have any questions regarding your donation, please contact us

    If you would like to make a?donation, please contact the Development Office in charge of fundraising activities at Lund University.

    Eric Hamilton, Senior Development Officer, + 46 46 222 0341,
    eric [dot] hamilton [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se
    Helena Perhag, Senior Development Officer, +46 46 222 3068,
    helena [dot] perhag [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se
    Pia Siljeklint, Director of Development, +46 46 222 3439,
    pia [dot] siljeklint [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se
    Nomie Gabevik,?Senior Development Officer, +46 46 222 3645
    nomie [dot] gabevik [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se
    Michelle Ariga (leave of absence), Development Manager, +46 46 222 7329,
    michelle [dot] ariga [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se
    Together, we will design a solution to meet your specific interests and you will know exactly what we have achieved thanks to your contribution.

    Academic integrity – a core principle

    Academic integrity and freedom are the essence of all research and higher education. Whatever the source of funding may be, this principle must prevail to ensure that the University’s core values are not compromised. The University is able to maintain its independence by drawing up clear policies that are communicated to all benefactors.

    Donations are not, and must never be, a substitute for public funding. However, philanthropy and private funding can often be a crucial key to unlocking further potential in our quest to understand, explain and improve our world.

    Page Manager:

    Contact information

    Development Office

    For questions related to fundraising, please contact:

    Pia Siljeklint ?
    Director of Development
    Telephone: +46 46 222 3439
    pia [dot] siljeklint [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se

    Eric Hamilton
    Senior Development Officer
    Telephone: +46 46 222 0341
    eric [dot] hamilton [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se

    Helena Perhag
    Senior Development Officer
    Telephone: +46 46 222 3068
    helena [dot] perhag [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se

    Nomie Gabevik
    Senior Development Officer
    Telephone: +46 46 222 3645
    nomie [dot] gabevik [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se

    Filip Kronqvist
    Development Manager
    Telephone: +46 46 222 7329
    filip [dot] kronqvist [at] fsi [dot] lu [dot] se

    Development Office
    Postal address:
    Lund University?
    Box 117, 221 00 Lund

    Visiting address:
    Medicon Village
    Scheeletorget 1
    223 63 Lund

    Results from donated funds

    Below are some of the significant investments made possible thanks to generous donations and contributions to Lund University:

    • Wallenberg Neuro Centre
    • MAX Lab
    • Holger Crafoord Centre
    • Sten K Johnson Centre for Entrepreneurship
    • Birgit Rausing Language Programme
    • Medicon Village through a donation from Mats Paulsson
    • Ingvar Kamprad Design Centre
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