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    Andes Surya Atmaja, The Global Experience, Germany

    ”I almost couldn’t believe the opportunity I had as an intern”
    During his internship, Andes filmed the discussion between the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs and the President of Germany in the Dutch-German Forum.

    Student portrait of Andres Surja Atmaja


    Why did you choose to do a traineeship? What did you want to get out of the experience?

    The reason I chose to do an Erasmus traineeship was because I wanted to apply my theoretical knowledge to the real working world. As a media and communications student, I have always been curious to explore the technical world of media-related work. I wanted to gain experience in the media sector which could support my future research. The internship at The Global Experience gave me more insight about how digital media and its elements work.

    What did you do during your traineeship?

    During my internship, I did a lot of video production and editing. The most interesting part was when the videos I edited were uploaded to the YouTube channel Easy Languages. Within a few minutes a lot of positive comments appeared. It made me more excited about working to improve my video editing skills.

    Which tasks were the most interesting?

    The most exciting task was when I got the opportunity to film the discussion between Bert Koenders (the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs) and Frank-Walter Steinmeier (President of Germany) in the Dutch-German Forum. I almost couldn’t believe the opportunity I had as an intern and I felt lucky to have this internship at The Global Experience.

    Do you think this traineeship will impact your future career?

    I believe that the traineeship will give me benefits in the future because studies combined with real work experience is valuable – especially to the digital media industry which focuses on video production.

    Do you have any advice or tips for future trainees?

    To become a trainee, it is important to first find an organisation or company to do the internship at. You need to find one at least two months before the internship starts. It is also important to know that the visa application process could take about six weeks for non-EU citizens, if they allow you to do an internship within an EU country.

    When it comes to housing, it is important to get your own official and legal place to stay, because an address is required for the important citizen registration. For example, in Germany, you can’t open a bank account or get a salary before you are registered at the Residence Registration Office. Thus, having an official place to stay is vital.?

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    Page Manager:

    About Andes

    Name and age:
    Andes Surya Atmaja,?27 years

    Field of study:
    Master's in Media and Communication (second year)

    Did his traineeship at:
    The Global Experience,?Germany

    Traineeship period:
    January 2016–January 2017

    Email: andes [dot] atmaja [at] gmail [dot] com


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