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    Professional education paid by your employer

    Every year a large number of professionals working in many different businesses, authorities and organisations continue their professional development through contract education at Lund University, within a range of unique subjects. Seize this opportunity and continue your professional development through your employer!

    A female student smiling at a coursemate

    A wide range of opportunities

    Commissioned education at Lund University can involve anything from a half-day course to an entire Master’s programme and often includes an interdisciplinary approach. Among many possible subjects are psychology for architects, business skills for natural scientists, and environmental problems seen from different perspectives.

    We offer both courses and programmes, aimed at applicants from many different sectors and organisations, as well as completely customised training programmes – all designed to incorporate your individual experiences and to be linked to your professional life.

    About our open admissions courses

    Admission, assessment and academic credits

    Many contract education courses at Lund University offer academic credits once you have passed the assessment. The assessment will involve the same requirements as for other courses at the University, and your course certificate and your credits will be equivalent to those awarded for regular courses completed at the University.

    Your experiences weigh heavily and therefore you do not need to present any grade transcripts or other evidence of prior knowledge to be admitted to contract education. This applies even if the course offers academic credits.

    Please contact us at?info [at] education [dot] lu [dot] se?for more information on what we currently offer and how to apply.

    Who can purchase and participate in contract education?

    Continuing professional development in the form of contract education is paid for by your employer and can only be applied for through the company or organisation where you work.

    The education must involve staff training, deemed to be important for how you perform your duties in the future.

    Companies, authorities and organisations may also purchase contract education for reasons of labour market or government aid policy. The employer must then be the Swedish government, a Swedish municipal authority, a Swedish county council or a corresponding government employer from another country within the EEA (European Economic Area).

    About our capacity building programmes funded through government aid

    Continuing your professional development will benefit you and the organisation where you work

    Lund University is one of the leading research universities in Europe. This means that our contract education is at the forefront of knowledge.

    Our ambition for each individual course is to promote development and change, both for you and your organisation.

    Contact us for more information

    The departments are responsible for the content of the courses and programmes, whereas Lund University Commissioned Education (LUCE) has the overall responsibility for the contract education we provide, and serves as a link between the University and participants.

    Please contact LUCE if you have questions or need advice!

    Telephone: +46 46 222 07 07
    Email: info [at] education [dot] lu [dot] se

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