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    Testimonials about the course Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship

    A tailor-made course from Lund University Commissioned Education
    This course was tailor-made for the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT), Indonesia.

    Ade Faisal, participant of the course in Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship, Lund University

    Ade Faisal, age 34, Social Planner at the Ministry of Development and Planning in Indonesia

    Why did you decide to participate in the programme?

    As a Social Planner I have three main areas of responsibility: science technology, tourism and creative economy.? With this in mind and also that entrepreneurship and science parks development has become a national priority in Indonesia, it is in my professional interest, as well as my country’s interest that I deepen my knowledge in these areas. I have also had a colleague who came to Lund last year to learn about innovation systems so it is obvious we are trying to increase this type of knowledge at the Ministry and in Indonesia.

    What is the main lesson you will take back with you to Indonesia?

    When I get back to Indonesia I would like to promote the Swedish values I have seen during the many study visits in the programme. There are actually eight of them that I would like to stress to the Ministry of Development and Planning:

    • Location – In order to have a successful incubator or science park I have learned one must be close to a university. We saw this very clearly at Ideon Science Park, connected to Lund University;
    • Talent – This is a very important factor for success. We need to employ talented people and keep them within the organisation;
    • Be together – At Ideon, Founders House, Media Evolution City as well as other study visits we saw that they offer free coffee and Wi-Fi. I think this is great as it brings people together and strengthens the cohesion of the staff;
    • Network – Having a solid network appeared to be very important during my stay in Lund;
    • Openness – In Indonesia, not everyone would be welcome in an incubator or science park, this is a shame as it should be for everyone. We need to be more open and inclusive in Indonesia;
    • Professionalism – In Indonesia we depend too much on our bosses, we need to start take responsibility for our own work, and be more independent;
    • Trust – It is sad to say but I feel that trust is difficult to find in Indonesia - we do not trust each other. Trust is essential to have a good community and network. It is also important so that people can share their ideas with each other and in this way, grow their ideas;
    • Start Small – We saw this at Founders House. Without being government funded, they have managed to do something great. It is okay to start small and modest. ?

    What can Sweden learn from Indonesia?

    Happiness. In Indonesia people are happy even though life is tough. People in Sweden need to be happier. There is so much to be happy about.

    Reiza Mutia, participant of the tailor-made course Innovation Systems and Entrepreneurship from Lund University

    Reiza Mutia, age 27, Lecturer, and Head of Innovation Center in Pelalawan, Indonesia

    Why did you decide to participate in the programme?

    I wanted to learn about what one should do in an innovation centre, what it takes to make it successful. I began the role as Head of Innovation Centre in June 2016 so I have a lot to learn about its management and how it works. It is a way for me to get experiences within the sector of innovation, experiences that I hope to take home with me. However, the most important for me was networking.

    This programme has given me the opportunity to connect with people within my field of interest. During my stay in Lund I have been able to discuss innovation systems, entrepreneurship, and science park development with my fellow participants?and come up with solutions together. It has also been rewarding as I have met people who have my position (as Head of Innovation Centres) whom I can learn from, as they are older, and more experienced. They have become my mentors.

    What are these experiences within the sector of innovation?

    The best experiences in Lund have been seeing how people and parties within the innovation system collaborate. I have come to understand the importance of the collaboration between the university, state, and industry and how essential it is for a functioning as well as successful innovation system.

    At the moment we do not have this in Indonesia. In general, the industry is not open to collaboration as they are very often foreign companies looking for labour and not for Indonesian R&D. I would like to change this. I would like to create networks where the industry is also included and where trust is one of the main components. If there is no trust, there won’t be long-lasting collaboration.

    Has there been anything during the three weeks here in Lund that has inspired you in any way?

    When I arrived at Lund I was very sceptical of entrepreneurship in general. I actually did not agree with it as I did not see it functioning in Indonesia. After the first week, which was very theory-intensive with Craig Mitchell from?Sten K. Johnson’s Centre for Entrepreneurship, I started to understand and see what entrepreneurship was about. I understood that by using the right pedagogy, and adequate methods, the teaching of entrepreneurship can be done. For me this was very inspiring and it is something I am taking with me back home to Indonesia.

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