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    Lund as a student city

    Considered the number one city for students in Sweden, Lund offers an exciting campus environment with a vibrant student life, an international atmosphere and memorable student traditions.

    People enjoying the sun on benches on Lund's main square

    The main Lund University campus is set in the charming cobble-stoned city of Lund, which dates back to 990. Today, students make up almost half of the population in the city.

    Ask any graduate what is special about Lund University and chances are they will say Lund’s unique student life.?The ‘nations’ (large student societies), the Academic Society and the student unions?have created many long-standing student traditions and their combined activities form the heart of student life in Lund.

    There are many opportunities to meet people and make new friends, whether you prefer to go to a student lounge to relax,?party, join in a debate, sing in a choir, attend a ball, go on an excursion, see an exhibition, join a sports team, volunteer at the student radio station, perform in the theatre or join in other student events.

    In addition to?Swedish traditions, you can also experience some of the unique?student traditions?of Lund University such as the doctoral conferment ceremony, the student carnival 'Lundakarnevalen' and the comedy student theatre 'spex'.

    The University and its students give Lund a youthful and vibrant atmosphere, which has led to an active cultural life full of activities and entertainment: Lund offers?art, music, dance, theatre, literature, film and museums. Lund University even has its own museum of art: Skissernas Museum – Museum of Artistic Process and Public Art, founded in 1934 and with free entry for students!

    For sports enthusiasts, there are plenty of opportunities to participate in social sports activities through the nations or to join local sports clubs. Within and around Lund, there is a range of sporting and exercise facilities, including swimming pools, tennis courts, climbing centres, sports fields, arenas and?Scandinavia’s largest fitness and health centre for students and staff: Gerdahallen.

    Coming to Lund University is also a great opportunity to experience the beautiful nature and outdoors of Sweden. City parks, cycling and walking routes, hiking areas and beaches are all within easy reach.

    There are also a number of interesting?tourist attractions?to visit within Sk?ne (the southernmost region of Sweden, where Lund is located) and in?Copenhagen, which is less than an hour away from Lund by train, taking you over the ?resund bridge into Denmark.

    When it comes to travel opportunities, Lund is in a great location. Perhaps most importantly, Copenhagen Airport is just a 35-minute train ride from Lund, meaning you are connected with the whole world from this major international airport. Aside from Denmark, Lund is also located on the main railway line to other parts of Sweden and Norway, such as Gothenburg, Stockholm and Oslo. You can drive to Germany in less than 5 hours and there are ferries from nearby ports to take you to Poland, Denmark, Germany and the UK. Malm? airport also has several international and domestic flights.

    Life in Lund combines academia with rich cultural traditions and the energy and dynamism of young students, resulting in a vibrant and memorable campus experience.

    Read more on these webpages:

    Student life in Helsingborg

    Students in Helsingborg have the opportunity to enjoy student life both in Helsingborg and in Lund. Student organisations, such as AGORA, ING-sektionen and Stampus are there to make your student life in Helsingborg as enjoyable as possible. Follow the link below to read more.

    Student organisations in Helsingborg


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